Le Train des Grands Vignobles


With its stunning ‘cultural landscape’, the jurisdiction of Saint-Émilion was in 1999 the first vineyard to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity site.

The Saint-Émilion vineyard covers some 5,400 hectares (13,338 acres) with just over 850 wine estate owners.

Its medieval village, its vineyards and châteaux showcase the magic of this world-renowned site.

Visit Saint-Émilion differently

Whether you travel there privately, through a travel agency, through work or an association, enjoy a relaxing tour of Saint-Émilion aboard the little train, which takes you through the village ramparts and its legendary vineyards.

During the 35-minute guided tour, you discover the appellation’s most prestigious wine estates and enjoy breath-taking panoramic views of the village and the Dordogne valley.


Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé

The Faniest family of Château Rochebelle will be thrilled to show you around this real gem of a family wine estate, established for some five generations now on the high part of the Saint-Émilion limestone plateau.

Monolithic caves dating back to the 18th century, enhanced by stunning interplays of light, and superb views over the Dordogne valley encapsulate the sheer magic of the place.

Here, a family of vignerons work tirelessly in the vines and cellars to forge the style of this Grand Cru Classé and bring out the finest expression of their terroir.



The great vineyard train season will begin
Easter weekend on March 30, 2024.

Immersive Tour

Guided walk through the heart of the vineyards
Tour of the monolithic caves
Tasting of a vintage of
Château Rochebelle – Grand Cru Classé
Duration : 1h20

14.50 €


Guided walk through the heart of the vineyards

Duration :  35 minutes

8.00 €


Walk in the heart of the vineyard

Free under 3 years
Price from 3 to -13 years old: €7.00
Price from 13 to -18 years old: €8.00
Visit to the monolithic cellars
Free – 18 years old

Tours of the Monolithic Caves
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